Understanding the Plastic and Wire Crates to Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Dog

If you are a dog lover, getting a crate for your dog is a good way of creating personal space for your dog. It also gives your dog a sense of belonging and security within the house. Even though it may look like you are confining your dog, positive reinforcement through persistent training can help your dog to treat the crate as its home rather than a cage used to restrict its freedom. [Read More]

Questions You Might Have About Using Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels are a great choice for any new construction or renovation project; these panels are made with two rigid boards that are put over a foam core, and they can be used in place of drywall and other such standard materials. The outer panel can be made of a particular skin or material that you prefer for your construction project, and the panel itself eliminates the need to add insulation between studs or beams. [Read More]

What to Look for in an Industrial Air Cannon

An industrial air cannon is placed on the side, bottom, or other area of a bin, silo, and similar storage area in order to provide a controlled blast of air to the materials inside. This keeps those materials from sticking together or otherwise causing a blockage in their flow as the bin is emptied. There are many different types of industrial air cannons that you might choose for your silo or storage bin, which can make the choice a bit overwhelming. [Read More]

Four Questions to Consider When Choosing FRP Decking for Your Business

FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic decking is ideal for a number of industrial applications. However, when choosing your FRP decking, there are a number of special tips you should keep in mind. Here's what to consider: 1. Does the decking have the corrosion-resistance you need? Not all plastic is the same, and if you use corrosive chemicals in your facility, you need to make sure you choose plastic that can withstand those particular chemicals. [Read More]