Equipment to Help Make Starting Your Sustainable Farm Easier

Taking on the idea of building a homestead means considering a sustainable farm. You may have several ideas in your head for how you want to do it. Without the proper equipment, you may not be able to achieve the first harvest results you are looking for. If you are considering equipment hire to meet your goals, here are a few pieces of equipment that will help make starting your sustainable farm easier.

Riding Tiller

You may already know you need a tiller to help prepare the land for the crops you plan on growing. You can use a push tiller, but one way to make things easier on starting that sustainable farm is to use a riding tiller. These tillers operate much the same way as ride-on lawnmowers. The tiller is located in the back of the ride-on system and can be lowered and used as a single or double tilling system. This can cut your time down greatly and move you through the planting process much easier than traditional push methods.

Stump Grinder and Chippers

You may run into areas on the farm that still contain stumps or underground roots. These will need to be cleared before you can use the land for farming, irrigation, or well digging. Though you can break these stumps up manually, having a gas powered grinder and chipper can cut time on this process significantly. The gas-powered grinder and chipper can turn the roots and stumps into mulch and grind down the portions that can not be turned to mulch easily. This will clear the area and will allow you to have free mulch for parts of your farming or high tunnel.

Tractor Trailer

You will likely find that you have several items that need to be hauled around the farm during the setup process. This may consist of barrels, irrigation pipes, and other large sized items that will not be part of your normal hauling throughout the year. For this reason, you may want to consider using the equipment hire for a tractor-trailer. You can get them in various sizes and make the hauling process easier without having to buy a trailer you may only use a handful of times over the year.

By ensuring that you are suing this equipment, you can help speed along the process of starting your sustainable farm. You can also save time and avoid possible body injury since these pieces of equipment do most of the labour for you. Consider using the equipment hire for each stage of your farm development in order to avoid costly hire expenses on items that you may not be using until later in the development.