Why You Need a Scissor Lift for Landscaping Tasks

If you own a small landscaping business, then you likely have had issues where longer ladders are vital. Over time, you may have wondered if having larger equipment may make the jobs easier. If this sounds like the situation you are in, you should consider using a scissor lift and scissor lift hire for upcoming projects. Here are a few reasons you should consider this equipment options and what to know about each one.

Above-Roof Pruning

There are residential landscaping projects that require the trimming and pruning of trees just above the roofline of homes. Though you can use a ladder for this, it would take much longer than scissor lift options. The lift can also be adjusted for the height without you having to climb onto the roof. This means you have a safer option for completing the landscaping job as well as a faster method. Keep in mind that some scissor lifts will have a remote or computer panel allowing you to adjust the height and even move the lift as needed.

Tree Inspection

As a landscaper, you will be asked to perform tree services. One of those services is inspections. Depending on the size of the tree and the issues the property owner has, you may need a stable piece of equipment for the inspection. A scissor lift would be ideal for most of your high-elevation tree inspections. The scissor lift is ideal to reach areas of the tree that a ladder could not safely reach. The lift also makes it possible to get to areas where you can inspect for problems around the tree that are causing certain issues the tree is having.

Wall Landscaping

There are several landscaping techniques you can offer to your property owners. One of the techniques is to create vine paths along exterior walls. This allows plants like ivy to have something to grab onto and grow against. With a scissor lift, you can reach the higher areas of the exterior walls and work with a much larger area than other traditional equipment will offer. You can also have the room to move, work, and keep your items with you on the lift platform. 

When you are ready to begin looking at different scissor lift options, contact your local equipment hire. They can help you narrow down the right option for you and discuss what other options may be ideal for your landscaping business on a rental basis. If you plan on using the equipment hire for more than a scissor lift, consider asking about their long-term hire contracts for businesses like yours.