Four Questions to Consider When Choosing FRP Decking for Your Business

FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastic decking is ideal for a number of industrial applications. However, when choosing your FRP decking, there are a number of special tips you should keep in mind. Here's what to consider:

1. Does the decking have the corrosion-resistance you need?

Not all plastic is the same, and if you use corrosive chemicals in your facility, you need to make sure you choose plastic that can withstand those particular chemicals. In some cases, there are acids and other chemicals that can burn through ceramic, metal and other materials but that can be thwarted by the right type of plastic. Talk with your FRP decking sales rep to ensure you choose a type of plastic that's likely to succeed in your environment.

2. Does the decking have something to catch spills?

In some cases, decking is open to the floor below, and this can work in many circumstances. However, in some cases, you may need a containment system under the decking. This is helpful, and sometimes critical, for catching spills.

Additionally, this type of system helps to lower the risk of slips related to spills. As the liquid is caught by the tray, it doesn't fall onto the ground below, preventing that area from turning into a slippery hazard. Additionally, the grate-design of the decking itself keeps the person on the decking elevated over the spilled substance.

3. Do the size of the holes work in your environment?

In most cases, FRP decking contains lots of small holes. You need to ensure the spacing of the holes works in your environment. For example, if everyone is wearing sturdy, flat soled work boots, those can rest easily on a range of grate sizes. However, if you have business executives in high heels walking through your facility, you need to make sure the holes on the grates aren't so large that their heels slip into them.

4. What is the load bearing capacity of the FRP decking?

Finally, you need to think about how much the decking can hold. If you need super strong decking, it may need to have extra reinforcement. Ideally, you want to consider how many workers are going to be walking on the decking versus how much equipment needs to be rolled across it and so forth.

To learn more about FRP decking and which type of decking is best for your facility, contact a decking expert. They can help you figure out what you need.