Fire Defense | 3 Superhero Actions To Shield Your Kids From A House Fire

Statistics indicate that there were over 4070 house fires claiming 17 lives in 2015—and that's just in the state of NSW alone in Australia. Some of the most common fire triggers remain unchecked stoves, timeworn electrical wiring and appliance faults. These issues could happen to anyone. So, while it's always prudent (and legally necessary in most states) to have a working fire alarm system in your home, there are instances where you need to undertake some superhero actions to shield your kids from a potential house fire hazard.

Keep Them Calm And Stay Calm Yourself

It's supremely easy to panic in a life-and-death fire emergency, but you cannot risk panicking and you certainly don't want your kids to panic either because extreme fright could prompt you or your kids to make a wrong move in your home. Try your level best to stay calm for the sake of your children and keep reassuring them that they will be safe with you—their superhero. Keep reminding them about the interesting things you will do once you get out, so that your kids don't panic excessively.

Wrap Wet Cloth Around Their Nose And Mouth To Stop Them From Breathing Dangerous Smoke

Before embarking on your daring escape, cover their noses and mouths with a wet cloth to stop them from breathing this smoke. The wet cloth adds a protective layer to you and your kids by helping to filter out smoke and soot while you attempt to flee from the fire scene. Remember that smoke rises, so squat down with your kids and keep them low to prevent unnecessary encounters. The lower you keep children, the less risk they are at breathing dangerous smoke. This holds true even if you manage to shield them with a wet cloth because it only serves to reduce and doesn't completely eliminate inhalation of smoke.  

Hatch A Quick Flight Plan Through Possible Exits

Even if your fire alarm system goes off, you'll want to get your kids out of the home as soon as possible when a fire burns. Smoke from fire remains a dangerous enemy when inhaled, so your first action should be to hatch a quick flight plan through possible exits in your home. If you are carrying your children, make sure they are held tightly below you as you attempt to get out of the house. If you keep them on your back, you risk something falling on them and endangering their lives.

Follow these superhero actions in your quest to shield your children from house fires. Always make sure your fire alarm system is in working condition to ensure that the authorities get to your home as soon as possible during a fire.