Questions You Might Have About Using Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels are a great choice for any new construction or renovation project; these panels are made with two rigid boards that are put over a foam core, and they can be used in place of drywall and other such standard materials. The outer panel can be made of a particular skin or material that you prefer for your construction project, and the panel itself eliminates the need to add insulation between studs or beams. If you're thinking of using insulated roof panels or structural insulated panels for your home construction, note a few questions you might have about the material overall.

How is electrical wiring installed?

Because the panels will have a rigid foam core, you need to have the area for electrical wiring cut during the manufacture of these panels. Precut channels are called chases and these will be cut or designed while the panel is created so you don't need to modify them onsite.

Can insulated roof panels become infested with insects?

While the panels you use for your roofing and walls are not made of standard wood, they can become home to termites who will burrow and nest inside. To avoid this, the panels can usually be treated with a type of chemical or made with a steel mesh barrier that won't allow termites through. If you think your home might be susceptible to insect infestation, discuss this with your structural panel manufacturer and have them made specifically with treatments that keep out termites.

Are the roofing panels compatible with other building materials?

If you want to use insulated roofing panels, you don't need to change your building plans or adjust the materials you will use for the rest of your home renovation or construction project. These panels can sit on poured concrete or blocks, and be installed with a truss roof or stick framing. If the panels need to be modified or fabricated onsite for any reason, a special beam saw may need to be used to cut through the thick material but other than this, insulated roof panels typically need no other special considerations when used for construction.

Is added ventilation needed with insulated roof panels?

Because the panels are so airtight, they provide a higher quality of insulation for your home, but proper ventilation is needed to allow out moisture and humidity. A roofer might suggest an attic vent or an additional vent fan in the kitchen or another area to help with this ventilation when you use insulated roof panels for construction.