Tips For Buying a Secondhand Shipping Container

If you are in need of a shipping container, either for its intended purpose of shipping items or to create a makeshift shelter, you might be considering buying one used. When you buy a secondhand shipping container, it helps to save money as opposed to buying it brand new. Here are some tips for choosing the right secondhand shipping container.

Look For the Right Material

Even if a shipping container looks to be made of durable materials, it might not contain the same longevity as some other ones. This is especially true when you find budget-friendly containers, as they may be cheap because of what they are made with. Look for containers that are made of steel, not aluminum or steel-coated materials. You want it to be made of solid steel, as this will be dependable, last a long time, and can handle long trips along land or sea as well as provide good shelter in inclement weather.

Go For Standard Shipping Containers

Try to avoid the more modern or fancy containers as they are not as widely recognised by freight companies. These might be okay when you want to use them for emergency shelter at home, but if you are actually shipping items in the container, go for a standard style and size of container. That way, more freight companies will be willing to transport goods in the container. Also, remember that when you choose a classic style of shipping container, they are going to cost you less money. It is also easier to look at the overall condition of a secondhand shipping container with standard styles since you know what to look for.

Make Sure it is Water and Airtight

Before you buy a secondhand shipping container, you will need to make sure it is in good condition and can be secure no matter how it is transported or what it is used for. This is one of the main drawbacks of choosing a container that isn't brand new. An easy way to tell how well it is sealed when the doors are shut is by standing inside the container and having someone else close the doors completely. Now look around the container for any signs of daylight. It should be completely dark with no drafts or daylight peeking through anywhere in the container.

It is a good idea to bring along someone who is familiar with shipping containers to inspect it more thoroughly.